an app where you can find people who share similar cultural backgrounds and has intention to start a family
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We believe our app will give women from religious or conservative communities more freedom of choice.

Especially for migrants, whose choice of life partner is very limited.

This application is for people who want to start a family with a person of their culture and religion. You can search 5,000+ ethnic groups. Even if you are an Arab from France, a Pakistani from the UK or a Turk from Germany, you will find your soul mate.

Our service is created for ethnic minorities, migrants, Muslims and other ethnic groups for which Western dating services are not suitable. We have added a lot of privacy options to the app so that no one will know your identity unless you choose to:
- 5 000+ ethnic groups
- You can hide photo and name
- No one will know your exact location
- You can delete any message in the chat
- Inactive correspondence is deleted after 30 days for both parties
Free download
95% of the app features are free
Privacy & control
You can hide photo, name, delete chat.
You decide who can see your profile
access to a larger pool of candidates.
74% of users find their soulmate
within 3 months
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